Saturday, 30 August 2014

Catch up post


Well, I haven't posted for a while - I knew it would be tricky with a new baby - I just didn't realise how hard doing anything would be. 

So far, life with a baby means:
  • everything takes more than twice as long to do
  • we are living in an utter mess most of the time 
  • having to do everything one-handed, including typing this
  • I have about six post in the draft section on here
  • my dyslexia has got super-duper worse
  • that I have unfortunately watched day-time TV (and it's bad, really, really bad) 
  • I have discovered Cbeebies, and we really, really like it - even though most of the theme tunes get stuck in my head
  • I'm becoming more passionate about lazy gender stereotypes and inappropriate images, marketing and... well, everything, with regard to children
  • I hear 'Aurora? After the Disney princess? ', at least twice a week
  • I use Facebook more than I did 
    My Facebook/day-time TV face
It's all worth it though, for the screechy little poo-poo monkey currently sleeping on me. 

I have loads of ideas for posts I want to create, including ones about the days out we've had recently, the vintage clothes and toys I've found for Aurora, items I've found for my Etsy, my dyslexia, and about bringing Aurora up in a society where she is deemed either as inferior or just an object, due to her gender. And loads of other stuff, too. So bit of a mixed bag really. 

I'll leave this post with a few photos I want to include in future posts,when if I get around to creating them!



Saturday, 9 August 2014

Den of Vintiquity on Etsy

I've finally managed to get some items on sale on the interwebs!

I have decided to go with Etsy as it's well established, simple to use, and I can list my eclectic mix of vintage, antique, upcycled, and handmade items.

I only sell items that I would be happy to have in my own eclectically-vintage home, and sell them at prices I'd be happy to buy them for. I do find it hard to part with items I sell, but I also love knowing they are going to someone who loves and appreciates them as much as I do.


These are some items I have listed already, and some I will be listing as soon as I can: it's not that easy with a vintage tiddler.