My name's Dawn and I'm a first-time-mum to Aurora, who was born in March 2014.
I'm on maternity leave from a histology lab until 2015; giving me plenty of time to update this blog... she says.
I live in Essex with my husband and our first child, in our vintage inspired home.

I aim to blog about Aurora, vintage, vintage Aurora, Aurora's vintage clothes/toys/books etc., and probably more. Since discovering I was pregnant (which we didn't think would happen), I have had ideas of how I want to bring up my child,and my aspirations for her. With this blog, maybe I will show the things in my head and the what actually happens in real life.

As a dyslexic, please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes; also, any bad jokes. I try to be funny. I think I'm funny... I really do.

I don't know much about photography, and will be using my phone's camera and Instagram mainly, but all photos, unless otherwise stated, belong to me.

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