Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Brolly Good Fun!


Well, it's been a while...

I actually have several unfinished posts, about loads of stuff, including recent vintage bargains and gender stereotypes, that I really want to post but they will be as-and-when I can.

This post is photo-based, to show off Aurora's wonderful new vintage umbrellas. Yep, plural. She now has three new vintage brollies.

I was lucky enough to be checking Twitter when @retonthenet posted a couple of photos of the umbrellas. It was love at first sight. 

I messaged to find out if they were for sale... they were!

The postman handed them to a very excited 33-year-old a few days later. It was like Christmas. And at this age, Christmas is no longer like Christmas. I was very excited.

Tuesdays are usually when we go to Jo Jingles, but as it's half-term, we have had a free day; so off we went to Belfairs Wood, in Leigh on Sea, via the Prittle Brook Greenway: there's nothing better than woods in the autumn, The smell cannot be beaten.

After a coffee in the Woodland Centre (listening to some golfers discuss their bladder habits *face*), Aurora and I headed off into the woods to find a suitable place to take some photos of the brollies.

And here they are: I'm pretty impressed with the photos, if I do say so myself. All taken on my iPhone and using Instagram.

It was quite busy at Belfairs today,so I probably got a few odd looks when I was hanging vintage kids brollies from trees. 

For now though, they will be safely stashed away until Aurora is old enough to use them.