Monday, 21 July 2014

Retro and vintage baby clothes and an unimpressed Aurora

The other day I got the email to say Mothercare have their summer sale on. After finishing the Futterwacken I headed over to the website. 

I wanted so much more than I was able to afford. Still, I got some great retro items: they're not clothes she can wear yet, they're all for babies over 9 months, and some are for when she's a toddler.

I absolutley love the fun, bright colours of each item, as well as the rainbow details most pieces have.

My husband likes this tracksuit top; it reminds him of the football casuals style of clothing, worn by... erm, hooligans in the 70s and 80s... nice.

I love these shorts! That's me wearing similar ones in the 80s: I look like a 118-118 mascot. 

I managed to pick up this gilet (or body-warmer, or whatever they're called these days) in a shop,rather than online. OMG I can't wait until it fits her. 

Although Aurora wears pink and florally clothes, I don't want to box her in in a pink princessy world. I love the work Let Toys be Toys and Pink Stinks do in breaking down the ridiculous limiting stereotypes foisted on children (and adults), through cynical, out-dated and damaging gendered marketing. That's one of the reasons I love the Little Bird range - the majority of the clothes are unisex, as well as retro and fun! 

Somewhere else I love and where I have also been raiding (again) for vintage gems is Rowdy Roddy Vintage . And oh my goodness have I got a gem. 

First off I got this lovely floral vintage dress...

But this, this I absolutely adore! I wish it was in my size too...
It makes me happy just looking at it. I can't wait until it fits Aurora!

If you need any more reasons to check out RRV, it'll be the lovely little extra touches, like this nursery rhyme on a card wishing us a great week: I love RRV!

And finally, here we have madam in something that is going to cause a stir at the swimming pool:  a vintage style swimming hat! With thanks to her uncle who picked up three (3-6 m, 6-9m and 9-12m) when he was in America recently. 

She's going to kill me when she's older... 

Not impressed...

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