Saturday, 5 July 2014

Vintage on the pier


Ok, so I know it was a week ago now, but I have only just got around to uploading the photos of the vintage fair held at the end of Southend pier: it's been a hectic week! 

We were due to have stalls outside but ended up in the pavilion, due to the windy weather. There were around seven stalls - all selling lovely vintage, up-cycled and/or handmade items - along with some excellent entertainment from Perfect Vintage.

It was a lovely weekend (we missed Leigh Folk Festival though!)

Southend pier and Peter Pan's Playground (technically Adventure Island, but it will ALWAYS be Peter Pan's Playground to me!)

The journey to the end of the pier began about 9 am: the weather was lovely and the view superb (it was also nice that there was hardly anyone around). I think I will have to do an early morning pier trip more often! We used the pier train as we had all of our gear, but I imagine a stroll at 8.15 am would be fantastic!

 This is where we were due to sell from. It rained in the end so it was for the best, still... that view.

Some of the items on our stall. 

I have one problem with selling vintage, and that's selling stuff I absolutely love. I was gutted to be parted from these curtains, even though they were only in the drawer at home. I originally bought them to use in Aurora's room, as I wanted a Wind in the Willow nursery; I went for another theme in the end, so didn't use them. After selling them I found out they are going to be used as a cat blanket... 

Tit-Bits, by far the most popular item I sold. Very popular with women and men of a certain age, who all remember hiding them under their beds from their parents.

It was Aurora's first fair (attending and selling), I know she's going to love vintage too!

I managed to pick up a beautiful bargain for Aurora's room at the fair, for £4. 

Perfect Vintage brought a wonderful atmosphere to the fair - a very talented duo! 

Although it was a knackering weekend, I can't wait to do another.

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