Thursday, 8 May 2014

Aurora's vintage wardrobe

As a lover of all things vintage, it is only natural that I force encourage Aurora to enjoy it also. Whilst she still has no say about how she's dressed, she'll be in carefully selected retro and vintage outfits, when she's not slobbing-out in sleepsuits anyway. 

When I found out I was pregnant I started looking for vintage baby items straight away. I started with the usual suspects - eBay and Google. I really have no patience for waiting days for lots to end, or for bidding wars, so generally go for (reasonably priced) 'buy now' items on eBay. And there are many online shops selling vintage baby items now if you're able to use Google.

I sell vintage and antique items (until recently in a shop in Leigh on Sea, but at fairs now) so I have been fortunate enough to come across some amazing items through meeting other vintage sellers and hunting around vintage, second-hand and charity shops. My parents found these gems in Norfolk when hunting for items to sell.   

As well as getting items online, at fairs and those old-fashioned things called shops, we've been really lucky that people have given us (lots) of clothes as gifts, and some have been vintage.

Here are some of Aurora's vintage clothes -  she already has a better wardrobe than her parents...

From top left to right:
  1. Adams' dress from the 90s bought from Rowdy Roddy Vintage* (RRV) - £14
  2. 70s dress, also from RRV - £18
  3. Vintage knitted cardigan from RRV - £8
  4. Vintage romper from RRV - £8
  5. 1960s romper - a gift from family
  6. The flipping excellent design on the 60s romper
  7. One of the 50s/60s dresses from Norfolk - part of a bundle of items 
  8. Another vintage item from RRV** - £9

*No vested interest here, I just love the shop!
**I've honestly not been given/promised anything to promote RRV!

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