Thursday, 8 May 2014

Vintage baby

Here it is; my first post for this blog: one month and one day after giving birth to my first child.

Aurora arrived in March after I was induced early, due to having developed gestational diabetes. A much wanted baby, who my husband and I didn't think we'd be able to have.

Well, Aurora's here. And life's got flipped-turned upside down - but in the best way ever. The nine months I spent feeling awful and the labour are all forgotten... erm, naaaht. But it was all worth it.

So now it's all about getting on with caring for, nurturing, teaching, encouraging and discipling Aurora in the manner I (and my husband) think is best. I have not read any parenting books and don't plan to either. I will accept advice from healthcare professionals, family, friends and even strangers, and I'll Google things if I am concerned at all, but mainly I will be going on what feels right or... natural?

Anyway, welcome to my blog which I aim to be about Aurora, vintage and anything and everything. Watch this space!

Dawn x

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