Friday, 16 May 2014

Retro sun visor

This week I have been SO excited waiting for this item to arrive. I've been lurking by the front door every time the postman was due.

Ever since we popped to Mothercare in Lakeside (20 miles away, when Aurora was four days old!) and I first saw the Jools Oliver Little Bird collection, I have been in love: reasonably priced retro kids clothes on the high-street.

Obviously I've sought out true vintage, retro, hand-made and second-hand clothes (and toys and books of course) for Aurora, but I have also had to use the high-street shops too. However, I've actively looked for vintage/retro/vintage style clothes, but I've also actively tried to avoid an exclusively pink and princessy wardrobe – not easy if you shop at the usual high-street suspects. It was flipping hard buying clothes for a baby whose gender we did not find out until she popped out. With regard to buying high-street though it's necessary to paraphrase Henry Ford: you can have any colour you want, as long as it’s pink for a girl, blue for a boy, or yellow/grey for sex unknown. Yeah, great, thanks… I am aware these are things that annoy me (and many other parents/to be/rational people) and not everyone, but I honestly don’t see why I should almost HAVE to dress my child in a certain colour, or with certain set of animals/toys/images, just because that’s what’s been decided by other people, that a certain gender prefer. Grr! I feel the same about aiming certain toys, books and activities at one gender.

Anyway I sort of digress, I could bang on about that for ages, but I'm not going to. This post is about sharing the excellent retro sun visor from the Little Bird collection: a collection which is not just pink and princessy clothes for girls or blue and macho for boys.

And here it is!

As soon as I saw it I wanted it and being only £6.00, I was able to get it. Obviously one can Google ‘retro sun visor’ and find cheaper versions, but you can tell from the images that they are, well cheap. 

The Little Bird sun visor has a rainbow headband, which is elasticated at the back, with a yellow terry cloth on the inner part and a thick, yellow plastic visor. It’s not flimsy at all. Also, it’s totally unisex!

I remember having one when I was in primary school in the 80s, and I am so pleased Aurora will get to enjoy a good quality one too, although there are a few years before she can do that...

Mothercare Little Bird sun visor - £6.00 - for 3 - 8 year olds. 

(This post has nothing to do with Mothercare, I just love the visor/Little Bird... for what it's worth; I hate the Baby K collection).

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