Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Little Bird Obsession...

... is preeeetty bad.

I've been checking eBay daily, searching for bargains from the 70s retro-style range. I've been pretty lucky and I have won a dress for £2.50 (plus P+P), and a romper for £6.00 (plus P+P). I'll post pictures when they arrive.

This post however, is about how I bought some shoes from the range for when Aurora is a little older. We've been lucky that we received lots of baby-clothes as gifts when Aurora was born, so I persuaded my husband to let me buy some items for when she's a couple of years old, with the money we saved for her clothing during my pregnancy. He said yes, so went mad at Mothercare.

Well... not mad, I wish. I got a dress and cardigan, which I will post with the eBay items, as well as the shoes and trainers in this post

I have no idea how old Aurora will be when she can wear them, the sizing of children's shoes is alien to me. The shoes look like they'll fit a toddler and the trainers a four year old... maybe?! Anyway, she'll fit into them at some point.

I just love the retro, 1970s/1980s look of them, as they remind me of what I was dressed in as child. In fact: in the post about the items I got from eBay, I'll include a photo of me as a child in similar clothes.

Here are the shoes and trainers:

Although I want Aurora to stay a baby forever, I can't wait until they fit her. 

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